Happy New Year!

 We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a great start to 2016.  As we look forward to what will be a wonderful year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the year that was 2015 at Called2Business.  Below is an incredible poem that was written by Webb Tyndall summarizing all of the 2015 speakers’ messages.

2015:  A Year in Review

Our year started off with Trey Baker highlighting Crucial Conversations
Highlighting this topic and how it impacts teams and organizations
He provided insights on getting unstuck from your story and your style
So you can speak the truth in love and go the 2nd mile

Shifting from villain to human and victim to contributor
Moving from helpless to able so you can be and do more
Crucial conversations will help businesses save money and excel to new heights
Creating atmospheres to spark communication and prevent unnecessary conflicts and fights

We had a cold February luncheon, a deviation from our normal routine
We showed a video of Kris den Besten with many nuggets of wisdom to glean
SHINE – serve others, honor God, and improve continually,
Navigate by values, excel in relationships – he reminded us to shine so others will see

Kenney Moore from Highway 55 spoke in March and shared his life story
He shared his victories, struggles, and testimonies giving God the glory
His goal is to be an influencer and in his leadership provide authenticity
They have a foundation that focuses on stewardship and generosity

Customers are welcomed at each location with an enthusiastic greeting
They want to make an impact in addition to providing an awesome feeding
Kenney at his lowest point cried out to the Lord and asked Him for His favor
God has poured out His grace and love and has blessed Hwy 55’s labor

April had Mark Whitacre speak about good leaders losing their way
The Informant had everyone on the edges of their seats to hear what he had to say
About price fixing and whistleblowing and microphones taped to his chest
His days were full of anxiety, stress, the green lamp, and very little rest

Before heading to prison a man named Ian Howes paid Mark a visit in Chapel Hill
He spoke into his life, showed genuine interest – he was the real deal
Ian gave Mark his first glimmer of hope
Helping him to rise up from the end of his rope

While in prison Chuck Colson led him to the Lord and he experienced God’s peace
Mark realized that his life would begin in prison and actually not cease
God preserved his marriage to Ginger and provided for his family – miracles indeed
Provided him a job, forgiveness from the FBI, and another chance to serve and lead

Jerry Allen was back again to speak to Called2Business in May
Fresh off a mission trip his heart was obviously touched in a special way
He challenged us to serve and love others whether in an office or in Ecuador
Being a missionary in the workplace, another country, or the grocery store

After taking the summer off to rest and rejuvenate, Roger Gum kicked off the fall
Challenging us to avoid the distraction of money – sharing this message is part of his call
Money is a tool, a test, and a testimony and not a measure of success
He challenged us to focus on Relationships and Financial Faithfulness

The Priority Cash Flow system begins with the most important part – giving
Then paying taxes, reducing debts, saving, spending, and living
The pace of life kills generosity and we miss opportunities along the way
Reorienting our lives for margin is important in order for us to live generously each day

Johnny Jones spoke in October on God’s call, for heeding and hearing
He wove stories about his journey and God’s amazing steering
Of his 3 passions as a kid – selling, the Highway Patrol, and radio
That one day God could weave them all together to work out just so

He challenged us to seek God and to make an impact in our sphere of influence
Reminding us the widow had to do something unusual that did not make sense
If God calls you to something, no matter what it is, you are qualified
He will take you on an interesting journey, boy will it be an amazing ride

Hearing the stories of 98.3 The Bridge’s beginnings was so inspirational
Listening to Johnny preach on the widow and the oil – quite educational
Walk humbly and submissively to God and He will guide you
Reminder to us – don’t give up and like the widow keep pouring too

Next up in November Pat Williams shared about seven things one must do
To be a leader that shapes the future of Greenville – one who is right and true
The importance of having a vision that is strong and clear
The ability to communicate so others can hear

Have people skills based in love
And character that is far above
The competence to solve and teach
And boldness that has fearless reach

A serving heart that stands close by
To help, assist and edify
Pat was a true warrior, giving all he had, and finished his presentation sitting down but strong
Little did he know he’d be Diagnosed with pneumonia and have to stay in the hospital 5 days long

We are thankful for our 10th year – it is time to applaud
Keep shining bright in the marketplace where you are called
Serve others, Honor Him, and Improve each day
Navigate by values, excel in relationships and let your light be on display

As we give thanks and reflect on God’s amazing grace,
Let us remember how He has helped us and to seek His Face
For He alone is worthy to be praised
We Join the Applause of our creator – utterly amazed!