In late 2004, God gave several Christian business people as well as pastors in Greenville, NC a vision to share the good news of Jesus Christ through the workplace. “Called2Business” was birthed in early 2005 to equip, encourage, and empower men and women in the workplace to understand their callings as ministers in the sphere of influence that God has called each of them. We use Jesus as our example, as He mainly ministered to those he met in the marketplace. We want Jesus to use the talents and abilities He gave us to proclaim the Good News naturally through our actions in the workplace.

man with bibleThe byproducts of this vision and mission of Called2Business have been unity for individuals from all walks of life, denominations, church affiliations, etc. and testimonies of lives being touched throughout our city and region in the workplace. Called2Business reaches the community with monthly luncheons and small group workshops. Individuals from all over Eastern North Carolina have attended Called2Business luncheons in Greenville, NC, and several have gone back to their respective cities and started workplace ministries and luncheons similar to Called2Business. Attendance at these monthly luncheons ranges from 50-100+ individuals from all types of backgrounds, careers, church affiliations, industries, etc.

By developing relationships, we allow the Holy Spirit to positively transform our community, region, and state. Since 2005, Called2Business has had monthly luncheons where speakers such as Os Hillman (Founder of Marketplace Leaders and author), Kent Humphreys (Former President of FCCI/Christ@Work), Don Flow (CEO of Flow Automotive), Bill Hyatt (Silicon Valley entrepreneur), Paul Cuny (Founder of Marketplace Leadership), Steve Lineberger (SVP of Krispy Kreme), Tim Bertram (SVP of Tengion), Bob Pettus (Former Vice Chairman of Coca Cola Consolidated), Doug Hunter (President of Christ@Work) and other dynamic teachers address topics specific to workplace ministry and transformation. Several leaders of the Called2Business leadership team have facilitated a number of small group workshops including Business by the Book, the 9 to 5 Window, and Influencing the 7 Mountains.

The leadership team of Called2Business meets on a woman at computerweekly basis to study God’s Word and to discuss how we can apply it and live it out daily in the marketplace. Serving as a resource to pastors and men and women of the workplace has provided opportunities that we hope will eventually turn into transformation for individuals, businesses, and communities.


Brief Overview of C2B:


  • The group has been meeting since early 2005 with a focus on Faith at Work/Marketplace Ministry – expanding recently to Transformation Greenville) – Os Hillman and Kent Humphreys have spoken at luncheons.
  • Several vocational pastors have been coming as well (we had 9 pastors at one of our recent luncheons)
  • Mainly men and women from the marketplace (real estate, healthcare, banking, telecommunications, government officials, accountants, sales, administrative, etc.) – diverse crowd.
  • Various denominational backgrounds (Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Non-Denominational, etc.)
  • Luncheons start at 11:45-1:00
  • Meeting kicks off with introduction at 12:10
  • Speakers address the group from 12:15-12:50 or 12:55
  • Last 5-10 minutes are for “Q&A”
  • Meeting closing remarks a little before 1:00

billygraham "I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace."

- Dr. Billy Graham

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Where is the C2B Luncheon held?

Join us at the Greenville Hilton for our event.